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I competed in gymnastics for 16 years through college at Arizona State University. After 10 years and 5 (now 6) children, I have returned to gymnastics as a competitor. I am a lifetime gymnast. :)

This Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

The video above is from my second gymnastics competition in 10 years. I added 2 new tricks to my rings routine for this meet that I had never done before – a cross pull out and a back uprise-cross. […]

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My One Minute Workout

Recently someone asked me a question over at about endurance for their floor routine. I told them it was a different type of endurance that was needed than long distance running, and to try doing some conditioning for […]

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Wristbands, Not Sweatbands

I learned something very important a couple months ago about protecting my wrists while wearing ring grips (this would apply to wearing any grips). I remember having raw and painful wrists after most workouts when we did either Rings […]

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Rocky Mountain Open 2011 – my first competition in 10 years

Over the weekend I traveled with the Arizona State Men’s Gymnastics Team to the 2011 Rocky Mountain Open where I competed in the competition as an individual. There were 4 college teams, one team of six guys from the […]

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How I use the Five Tibetan Rites

A few years ago I received a writeup about the Five Tibetan Rites in PDF form as a bonus for purchasing an ebook about composting. It is an interesting story about an older man who learns five basic exercises […]

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