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I competed in gymnastics for 16 years through college at Arizona State University. After 10 years and 5 (now 6) children, I have returned to gymnastics as a competitor. I am a lifetime gymnast. :)

My Gymnastics Rings

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This year my wife got me a pair of rings for fathers day, exactly like the ones you can see to the right. I thought it was great but the only place I had to hang […]

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How to Hold a Handstand

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Since I challenged the ASU men’s gymnastics team to a pommel horse circle competition a few months ago I’ve learned a great lesson about flexibility. I was training on a mushroom leading up to the day […]

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The Key to Flexibility is Untimed Stretching

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When I was a freshman in college, I sustained a head injury from a car accident which required me to relearn many basic functions, including walking, talking, and writing with a pencil. Arizona State University (where […]

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How to Overcome a Mental Block

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Mental blocks can come in many forms, but they all get fueled by the thoughts we think. Writers get “writer’s block”, actors get “stage fright”, and gymnasts (as well as other athletes) can develop an irrational […]

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Learning a Glide Kip – it’s all about the Swing

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I have received quite a few questions about glide kips over at allexperts, so I thought I would write a summary of my suggestions in one place that I can refer people to. It is a […]

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