This site is dedicated to all those people who are concerned about being too old to start or continue in the sport of gymnastics, or any other sport. Dozens of children and parents have asked me over the last few years if they or their children are too old to get into gymnastics at the allexperts.com site (which has been recently replaced by a less personal alternative). My answer is always no, regardless of the circumstances. I do put more thought into my answers than just typing ‘no’, but that’s the idea every time.

Here are some basic ideas I’ve thought about long enough to believe, and what I’d like to demonstrate through this site:

  • Age is irrelevant when it comes to deciding whether to do any sport or physical activity.
  • There is no disease, illness, or injury that cannot be recovered from
  • The gut feeling I have about any particular food is the best indicator of whether it will be (or was) good for me to eat
  • If I think I can, or if I think I can’t, I’m always right – but I can change what I think and be right again later:)

To learn more about me, you can read My Story.