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10 At Home Exercises on a Pullup Bar

I have a “Perfect Pullup” pull-up bar in my bathroom doorway at home, I prefer it since it is securely attached with several screws on each side, as opposed to the kind which simply uses pressure against the doorframe to […]

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The Couch Planche

During the summer in Phoenix when it was too hot to use my rings in the garage I had to be creative with my workout equipment. Now that summer is over I can do a planche on the back […]

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Wristbands, Not Sweatbands

I learned something very important a couple months ago about protecting my wrists while wearing ring grips (this would apply to wearing any grips). I remember having raw and painful wrists after most workouts when we did either Rings […]

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My Gymnastics Rings

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This year my wife got me a pair of rings for fathers day, exactly like the ones you can see to the right. I thought it was great but the only place I had to hang […]

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My Gymnastics Mushroom

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I got my mushroom today, and I love it. It’s been 7 years since my last gymnastics competition (as a collegiate gymnast at ASU, see for a look at that program). I got one […]

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