86 Year Old German Woman Does Planche on Colbert report

I loved last night’s episode of the Colbert report. People like the German woman who put Stephen Colbert to shame (in the clip above) are what this site is all about. I was also impressed by Bob Lutz (who is 80) doing 40 pushups at the end of the clip below (later in the same show). He told Stephen he’s no gymnast but he does 40 pushups every morning so Stephen tried to keep up. My wife wanted to see me do 40 pushups after seeing that episode, and my 4 year old son Hani climbed on my back after the first five. 🙂

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Turning Point – Rocky Mountain Open 2012

See above for my routine at the 2012 RMO competition at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. There was a little confusion at the beginning because I arrived late during warmups and I don’t think Kip had a chance to create a number for me in the scoring system. The Judges were looking at the list of names they were given and I wasn’t there. You can see Kip in the blue shirt (he’s the head coach for the Air Force team) come over and talk to me – he asked if I had someone to lift me up.

I was rotating with the team from the US Olympic Training Center so I turned and looked at their coaches to see if they would do it. Andre was nice enough to come over and help with that – Andre and Vitalle are the two coaches from the USOTC, they had 6 national team members with them at the meet. Then when my swing got out of control near the end of the routine Scott Barclay came over and gave me a still so I could finish. Scott is the head coach of the team from Arizona State but I graduated over 10 years ago so he was on another event with his current team.

Last year I traveled with Scott and the ASU team and had a great time, almost like I was back in school again. But this year my wife came with me and I felt more like an “independent” competitor (as those of us are called who are not on a team). I really enjoyed rotating with the national team members, Andre and Vitalle are very nice and the guys on the team were friendly as well. I learned more about the current rules from them, for example now there are F and G skills – the E and Super E weren’t even made up until I was in college so that was a surprise to me. 🙂

I was also encouraged when I learned from one of the national team members that not all of them do every event, but most do at least 3. I’m not eager to do floor, vault, or high bar again (at least competitively) so that was a relief to me. But my anticlimactic performance at the competition really caused me to want to get back to the basics in my training.

The next day, my wife and I went to the Olympic Training Center (which is also in Colorado Springs, just a few miles from the Air Force Academy) and took a look around. I had never been there so it was very exciting for me to see. There were no tours on Sunday but we were able to peek in at a Taekwondo tournament, walk through the hall of fame, and take many pictures (like the one to the right). During 2011 I had fun learning a few new tricks, and in 2012 I will have fun conditioning to become very solid in my basic swing and strength moves. They stopped including the OTC guys in the awards this year because they swept the meet last year, so my goal for next year is to win on Rings and place on P-Bars and Pommel Horse.

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My Cool Trick

One of the benefits of having a set of gymnastics rings in my garage is that I don’t have to wait in line to use them (at least when all the kids are not around!). I have several young children which means I have seen several of the “Cool Tricks” that people share on the Yo Gabba Gabba! show.

In the spirit of Yo Gabba Gabba, this is my cool trick. 🙂

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2011 ASU Maroon and Gold Competition

I’ve been working on a new routine this year and this week I got a chance to compete with the Arizona State Men’s gymnastics team in their annual pre-season inner squad meet in Chandler at Aspire. Next month is the annual Rocky Mountain Open at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs so I wanted to give myself a chance to perform before then.

The recording is done by my 9 year old son so there are a few parts I go off camera but in general I think he did a good job filming. At the time I was focused on what I was doing but now that I watch the video it’s encouraging to hear everyone cheering for me. 🙂

Now I have a few weeks to get stronger so I can hold my strength moves and keep form in my handstands. I didn’t get a chance to ask the judges what they came up with for a start value but I believe it should be 15.2. I scored a 10.5 which is ok for the first time doing the routine. I’m shooting for above 13 at RMO next month so I have some work to do.

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The Couch Planche

During the summer in Phoenix when it was too hot to use my rings in the garage I had to be creative with my workout equipment. Now that summer is over I can do a planche on the back of a couch. 🙂

I want to be able to do a maltese, so I figured a planche uses similar muscles and is easier to train so I started with that. With the next Rocky Mountain Open (hosted by the Air Force Academy on Jan 14th) coming up in under two months I will be focusing on putting my routine together until then. I want to score above 13 this time (I scored 11.0 last time) so I need to clean up my form quite a bit.

About a month ago I started going to an adult session at AZ Sunrays (they are 30 miles closer to my house than Aspire, though less equipped) once a week but their rings are strapped to the rafters with no springs so I haven’t tried swinging on them yet. The equipment guy there ordered springs and had them in a box this week but needs a couple more connections to get them installed. He promised they would be up next week, but even if they are not I’ll start working on the first half of my routine which is mostly strength moves and forward/backward rolls. In the meantime I’ve been playing on the P-Bars, Pommels, and High Bar – building up my hands and overall conditioning.

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